BTS Software Inc.

- BTS200  SLA Suspension Analysis Software with integral plotting, overplots and line drawings of the geometry.

- Suspension Synthesis Software to allow the user to quickly arrive at an optimal solution directly without iterating.  Optimizes roll center and toe-in as well.

- Suspension Analysis Software

   - SLA Geometry Analysis

   - McPherson Strut Geometry Analysis

   - Leaf Spring Analysis

   - Beam Axle w/4 link Analysis

   - Ride Rate and Balance Analysis


- Custom Engineering Software with CAD Integration

   - Automatically draws suspension in Cad after analysis


- Custom Integrated Business System Software

   - Order Tracking from initial order thru invoiceing

   - Automated design based on customer wants

   - Custom reports on backlog, WIP, salesman performance and invoicing


- Analysis of complex systems.

   - Battery discharge models

   - Electric motor drive system models

   - Vehicle Starting systems


- Data Analysis

   - Curve fitting and regression analysis

   - Breakdown of high volume data into workable reports

   - Vibration Analysis


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